Is it safe to play Holi for a new mother - Holi and Breastfeeding

Is it safe to play Holi for a new mother - Holi and Breastfeeding

Holi is a festival of colours. People buy colors and water guns, the spirit of Holi is always high, especially considering in India. Being a new mother is not easy. It’s a path full of concerns, as a new mother wants the best for her little one. A lot of new mothers are asking me this question: ‘Is it safe to play Holi for new mothers?’, ‘Can I play Holi after pregnancy?’, ‘Can I use colors?’.

Holi and Breastfeeding 

So today I will address all those questions.

Yes, you can play Holi but take some precautions. If chemicals from Holi colors get absorbed on your skin, they might find their way to your Breastmilk. Or if you have color leftover on your breast or nipple, your baby might ingest it directly.

Most chemical colors are harmful. There are poisonous and toxic inside. If your baby ingests the color directly from your breasts or nipple, the colors can harm your baby.

Stay Away From Toxic Chemical Colours

Colors that are made with natural ingredients and herbal or vegetable dyes are considered safe. But babies below six months of age should have nothing but breastmilk because their digestive systems are not yet fully mature.

So whether you are playing with chemical or natural colors, you should wash your breasts and nipples thoroughly with soap and water before feeding your baby. Wiping the color off with a clean cloth will not be good enough as some residue might remain.

Use Natural and Safe Colours

Some chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and enter your Breastmilk. So even if you keep your breasts clean, you should choose carefully which colors you play Holi with while breastfeeding. Mercury for example, which is used to make red colors gets absorbed by the skin and is very harmful to you and your baby.

It is safest to use home-made natural colors because that is the only way of knowing for sure what has gone in the color.

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