5 Things Every Mothers Ask to a Lactation Consultant

5 Things Every Mothers Ask to a Lactation Consultant

I am a little doubtful about the online mode of consultation. Is it really possible to get results by online consultation?

Ans- Yes of course, our online consultation results are very satisfactory. You can check yourself on Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube where thousands of mothers have expressed their gratitude on how Dr Tanima has guided and helped them in their most emotional phase of motherhood. In fact,80% of mothers who consult are referred to Dr Tanima either by a fellow mother or her doctor or her relatives.

My baby was born premature, was in NICU initially and direct breastfeeding was not possible. Now the baby doesn't latch and I have just few drops of milk coming. Can I still hope to breastfeed my baby?

Ans- Yes of course, milk supply can definitely be increased by Dr Tanima's expertise and tried and tested methods for thousands of mothers. For latching on breast directly, doctor gives mixed approach where mothers follow the tips and with patience and perseverance many mothers have brought their babies from bottle to breast.

I am exclusive pumping now, I fear if I stop pumping, mymilk supply will become low. But I really want to directly breastfeed my baby. How can doctor help in this?

Ans- Dr Tanima Singhal will give you a mixed approach keeping in mind your apprehension for low milk supply. Once you are confident about your milk supply even after reducing your pumping sessions and will see your baby latching on breast, Dr Tanima will teach you how to assess your baby's growth. So with the confidence and support from the doctor, you will be able to achieve your goal.

During breastfeeding my baby, I get sore nipples, my nipples also get cuts and I experience painful breastfeeding. I feel like quitting but my baby's health and immunity bother me. People say it's normal to experience pain during breastfeeding. Is it true? Can I breastfeed my baby without having cut nipples or soreness and pain while breastfeeding?

Ans- first of all remember, pain during breastfeeding is not at all normal. It is very much resolvable by following right latching techniques. We even get mothers who have bleeding from nipples due to wrong latch. But relax! Dr Tanima Singhal guides you on right latch techniques and we have seen instant relief in pain which mother feels during breastfeeding. We have lot of success stories which will inspire you and motivate you to follow the techniques of correct latch by Dr Tanima Singhal.

My baby breastfeeds for 45 minutes to 1 hour but even then, baby is hungry. I have milk but is not enough for the baby. Is it possible to increase the milk and reduce breastfeeding time without compromising on my baby's nutrition needs?

Ans- this is the most common issue which mother's reach out to us for. Yes, it is very much possible. Frequent breastfeeding and feeding for longer time can be easily resolved by working on supply and latch issues. Dr Tanima will assess the root cause and guide you accordingly. Also, will assess the results and teach you too how to understand your baby's demand by hunger cues and other parameters of knowing nutrition status and requirements of your baby.

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