Breastfeeding Success Stories

Breastfeeding Success Stories

Breastfeeding Success Stories- Jyoti & Dr Tanima | Breastfeeding journey | breastfeeding tips | Maa-Si Care Clinic

At Maa-Si Care Clinic, we counsel pregnant women and mothers for various issues including Breastfeeding.

Many mothers doubt

– Will I be able to successfully breastfeed my baby?

– If I couldn’t feed my first baby, can I breastfeed my second baby?

– I have low milk supply, what can be done?

– I have flat/inverted nipples, how can I breastfeed my baby?

– I feel pain during breastfeeding…is it normal??

– I feel burning sensation during feeding my baby, how to correct it

– Can I breastfeed my premature born baby??

and so on…. In this Momstar Series we will be talking about the mothers, their breastfeeding journey, their experiences with Dr Tanima Singhal whom they consulted for breastfeeding counseling

√ their message or advice to pregnant women and fellow mothers

A very useful and insightful series for mothers to motivate and inspire them for breastfeeding exclusively to their babies ….

ABOUT US – We at Maa-Si Care Clinic, Lucknow try our best to empower our patients with best of the knowledge and create awareness around the issues like

Pregnancy care (Diet counseling, yog advice, Garbh Sanskar, Lamaze sessions,Breastfeeding counseling and lot more) and after childbirth (Diet counseling for mother, yog and exercise advice), Breastfeeding advices, √ care of the newborn Child nutrition ( Diet charts also), Smart Parenting Sessions and lot more We also conduct online sessions and consultations.

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About Dr Tanima Singhal Dr Tanima Singhal ( Pregnancy Educator, Lactation Consultant & Garbh Sanskar expert at Maa-Si Care Clinic) Dr Tanima Singhal is Graduate in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery. She is Postgraduate in Reproductive  and Child Health. She is certified in Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) And Early Childhood Development (ECD) from UNICEF. She is also Masters in Hospital Administration. Her work experience is 12+ years Her Clinic helpline number is 8604803205.

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