Positive Parenting, a detailed guide

Positive Parenting, a detailed guide

Positive Parenting is an effective way of managing a child’s emotions and understanding them better.

“Happy kids are not born, they are nurtured’’

Children are real people with unpredictable behavior and positive Parenting gets to the root cause of a child’s challenging behavior. It
brings back the beautiful relation of love between parents and a child and celebrates the feeling of Parenthood.

Is Positive Parenting Important?

As the generations pass on, the behavior of a child takes a major shift. In earlier times, Parents use to keep their children disciplined through fear of
Punishment but as time is changing, so is the mindset of our little ones. Kids are now the ruler of their own life, they don’t want anyone to influence their life or interfere in their decisions be it their parents or anyone else.

So it’s becoming more challenging for parents to keep their children in discipline or teach them about right or wrong. That’s why positive Parenting is important as it acts as a savior in these situations and helps parents to maintain good relationships with their children and understand them better.

What Positive Parenting skills should parents have?

With the continuous widening of the generation gap, it is becoming more important for parents to have the skill of Positive Parenting. Some of the skills they should have are listed below.

  • Patience- Parents should have this skill to deal with some sensitive situations, it not only benefits the child but also keeps their mindset healthy and positive.
  • Parents should adopt the skill of listening more and reacting less, this will help in avoiding unnecessary arguments.
  • Understandability- Parents should understand and try to find the reason behind the unusual behavior of their child.
  • Having good validation and support skills also helps in adopting a positive framework of parenting in life.

Benefits of Positive Parenting

The skill of Positive Parenting brings fruitful results and brings a child and his parents much more closer by bridging the relationship gap between them.

Well, when was the last time you remember yourself sitting with your child, laughing over his silly jokes and having a healthy conversation?

Can’t remember right?

It’s because most of the time Parents are busy explaining their life problems to them instead of celebrating the present moment.

Positive Parenting brings the benefit of giving birth to a loveable relation that gets lost in the pain and problems of the past. It revives that beautiful bond
again by bringing back the care and memories of happiness that exist between a child and his parents. It helps the Parents manage the behavior of their child better and understand their emotions well.

Positive Parenting Quotes

Below are some of the beautiful Parenting Quotes that celebrates the feeling of

“To be in your child’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today’’

“When you Put hope and love together, you can raise a Positive child in a negative world.’’

“Raise your words not voice, it’s rain that grows a flower, not thunder.

“Stop trying to perfect your child, love him the most with his

“ Your words as a Parents have great power, use them to support and inspire.’’

Some common Questions about Positive Parenting with solutions

How to handle my Child’s mistakes?

Don’t scold or ignore your child’s mistakes, instead guide and explain to
him the wrong behind his mistakes and what impact it can bring in his life if
repeated again.

What is the goal for myself as a parent?

Connection is your goal as parents, and connection comes with communication. The better relationship you have with your child, the easier it
will be easier for you to understand and teach him the right and wrong about life better.

What environment is best suited for my child?

The best shelter a child can have is a home, children who grow up in a happy and pleasant environment tend to be more disciplined and well-behaved. It’s your duty as being Parent to make sure the environment maintained around him doesn’t affect him and spread negativity.

Positive Parenting tips

Below are some of the tips that are like guidelines for Parents for their behavior
towards their Child.

Get to the root of the behavior- The behavior of a child is highly unpredictable but there is some reason behind their behavior. It’s the duty
of the parents to understand and find out why a child is behaving in a certain way instead of constantly scolding him for his rough behavior.

Don’t restrict your child from asking questions- Children are curious by birth. Its the curiosity that helps them understand this world better. We as
Parents should never restrict or refrain from asking questions by quoting them as silly and stupid, instead answer them with a calm mind.


Explain the reason behind your ‘NO’ – Often children adopt a negative mindset towards their Parents that they never allow them to do anything



Explain the reason behind your ‘NO’ – Often children adopt a negative mindset towards their Parents that they never allow them to do anything


Positive Parenting tips

Explain the reason behind your ‘NO’ – Often children adopt a negative mindset towards their Parents that they never allow them to do anythingof their will and often impose orders on them but the truth is it’s not the Parents that are wrong, it’s their way of restricting their child from doing something that develops a negative feeling in them. If Parents try to explain the why behind their no, it will help the child understand them better and not be against their decisions.

Positive Parenting books

No book or course can teach you how to be good parents, but it can assist you and guide you towards the effort of adopting a positive framework in parenting.
Below are some of the books recommended for the Parents

  • The Triple P Positive Parenting Program.
  • The New Dare to listen.
  • How to talk so kids will listen.
  • Positive Parenting- Toddlers and beyond.
  • Amy McCready and Positive Parenting Solutions.
  • Positive Parenting Tips for Toddlers

The early growing stage of a child is a very sensitive time. That phase acts as
an important part of shaping their personality. Any wrong step taken at that moment can affect a child’s mindset. So it’s the duty of parents to raise them in a positive environment.

Toddlers understand the language of love. Use humorous ways to teach them well. Play with them and avoid any display of anger that could trigger them. They understand your expressions well, try to build your relationship with them in the same manner.

Positive Parenting Techniques

Use a creative approach for teaching your child- Never be too harsh on your child to keep them in control or make them listen to you, try to make
them understand using a fun and playful way that will encourage your child to learn new behavior.

Maintain Peace at home

A child learns better by observing things and the first thing he observes is the environment around him. Avoid unnecessary
arguments and fights at home and try to not raise your voice out of frustration. Make sure that the only environment that a kid’s mind capture is
love and discipline.

Listen more, react less

Being a parent is not an easy job. Life brings so much change at the same time. But as Parents adopt this change, they have to make sure they don’t get frustrated or be annoyed at every little thing happening around them. Try to be calm-minded and hear out your child’s problems instead of blaming and scolding them for being frustrated and unhappy.

Don’t be over-possessive with your child

Some Parents become obsessed with their children and fail to give them personal space. In the process of
being overprotective, they try to control their life and restrict them from doing anything that gives them Pleasure. Love your child but don’t forget
that more than you it is the child who owns his life.



Dr Tanima Singhal talks about Positive Parenting in this You Tube Video.

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