What is Garbh Sanskar?

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Basically Garbh Sanskar is a term derived from Sanskrit language which means enlightening the featus in the womb itself. According to our Vedas and Granthas the characteristics of thinking, behaving, and feeling in essence, the personality of child start to develop as soon as the mother conceive.

All these changes in his/her personality is widely influenced by the mother’s habits,  mental health as well as her physical health. We can say that the personality of child is proportionally related to that of mother’s state of mind.

What is Garbh Sanskar?

According to the concept of Garbh Sanskar the child is able to prudence as well as respond to the outside stimulant such as music, feelings, thinking, this is the reason for performing Garbh Sanskar.

Why Garbh Sanskar is important  ?

The meaning of word sanskar is performing activities in a continued cycle so that it may improve our mental and physical health. Same thing is done is Garbh Sanskar, if the mother is given positive environment, her food habits, and life styles are well maintained then it will show positive and good effects on the child in womb , as it can sense the outside environment.

After the research and medical studies it is proven that Garbh  Sanskar is an important step to improve the child’s conditions in the womb itself.

When should we read Garbh Sanskar?

It is the ideal way to enhance every aspect of mother’s life so that the effects can be seen in the child. According to standards the practice of Garbh Sanskar should be started a year before the conception. Garbha Sanskar should extend and cover whole pregnancy, the parturition process in essence the childbirth process and guidance is given to parents until the child reach the age of  two to three years.

What is done in Garbh Sanskar?

Series of practices are involved in the Garbh Sanskar to enhance the well being of child. According to science the first three months of pregnancy that is in the first trimester the child in the womb is very unstable therefore the line ‘handle with care ’is properly suitable here.

The Garbh Sanskar is performed according to the physical and mental health of mother. The aahar that is the importance of proper diet , the mother should intake light and non spicy food for example milk, ghee, coconut water etc.

What is done during Garbh Sanskar?

In the early pregnancy nausea and sense to vomit  are very common so to avoid  such conditions if mother eat non oily and soft food like puffed rice also called Murmura  , then the extra gastric juice is absorbed by it and  in turn the vomiting sensations are minimized.

In these months the mother should be kept happy, listen to favorite music , read good sorts of books perform light yoga practice according to the doctor’s instructions. All these good habits will increase satvik guna in featus then it will be able to take sanskar performed on it.

Which Mantra is good during Pregnancy?

The vedic mantra are one of the powerful way to meditate and enlighten human mind. Some of the mantras shows best results, thus they are used during garbh sanskar.

  1. The Gayatri Manta : Om bhur bhuvah svah, tat savitur varenyam, bargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prochodayat. This mantra help to make increase in confidence enlighten the soul .
  2. Manojavam Marutalyavegam Mantra : This mantra shows prayer and offering to Lord Hanumana asking him to give us strength and strong will power to face all the obstacles in life.
  3. The Saraswati mantra : Lord Saraswati is goddess of intelligence and brain power this may help to improve braininess in child as well as mother.
  4. Lord Vishnu Mantra : It is recited offering prayers to lord Vishnu to remove fears and help  us to become an ideal person.

Which Mantra is good during Pregnancy?

What should be listened during pregnancy?

As soon as the mother conceive the thinking ability, is developed so the embryo can feel the music, it can feel the positive vibes.

The new studies and research shows that the baby can remember the music up to the time of four months after birth so overall listening to good music will be one of the best choices for pregnant women.

Gentle music sounds such as that of lullabies, classical music, good melodies and other sounds that attract happiness will be good.

How to make baby healthy in womb?

To have a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy is an important demand. Through healthy lifestyle style which includes proper diet plan and positive environment  one can have a healthy pregnancy which will make sure that the baby will also be healthy.

Healthy eating habits, positive thinking, listening  to favorite music , reading favorite books , practicing yoga and some other light exercises, meditation including recitation of mantras and prayer and other practices that keep  body in relaxed and happy state.

What can be done to make baby intelligent during pregnancy?

The genes which the child inherit through the parental and maternal nuclear material plays a major role in braininess . The intelligence and braininess of child is mostly dependent on the inherited genes but by performing and practicing right lifestyle the genes can be well programmed in womb which in turn can make baby intelligent with high IQ.

How to know the baby is healthy in womb?

There are various scientific evidence that show the practice of Garbh Sanskar is really effective. Even the mother’s hormonal balance shows various impacts on foetus in womb.  Healthy pregnancy is the mark of healthy baby. Appearance of stretch marks , enlargement of womb, sort of breathlessness, and in many cases palpitations are also seen.

According to the principles of Garbh Sanskar the soothing sound of veena is peaceful to mind as well as soul and foetus also respond to audio which is a good sign of healthy pregnancy.

What are the signs of healthy pregnancy?

The symbols of healthy pregnancies are the mother should feel at ease and should be comfortable other than the normal discomfort of pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting sensations , and other morning sickness.

The healthy body of mother is only capable of making a healthy baby. In case of other symptoms such as severe abdominal pain , vaginal bleeding, feverish conditions one must visit the doctor.

Can the baby feel when you rub the belly?

Recent research shows that the foetuses  respond strongly when the belly is rubbed, this confirm that the baby can feel when belly is touched. In the months of pregnancy no matter of the reasons the mother fell good when the  belly is rubbed so during pregnancy the actions that make mother happy are  highly beneficial.

Garbh sanskar music

For about eighteen weeks the baby keep sleeping in the mother’s womb , from twenty-sixths week onwards the baby can show response to the touches.

This is all about Garbh Sanskar. Will learn more in next article. Share this article with any pregnant woman you know.

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