The most natural and most important food for the baby is mother’s milk or breast milk. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies. These are important for the growth of your baby, and for developing the immunity to fight diseases and infection in their early stages of life.

The consultation session for breastfeeding takes place in two phases:


This can be done anytime after 30 weeks of pregnancy for 1.5 hours and can be done online.

We consult on:

  • How to position the baby and alerting techniques?
  • Latching on, rooting, and sucking
  •  Issues like soreness/redress of nipples and pain during feeding
  • Need to wake the baby
  • Preventing engorgement and listening for swallows
  • Nutritional demand of mothers
  • Supply and demand and feeding timetable
  • Infant cues


Consultation session after childbirth. It is a one on one personal consultation using online or offline mode.

We consult on the topics that concern the new mother—

  • Low milk supply and formula milk is not suiting for the baby
  • Baby not latching or a baby crying on the breast
  • Painful breastfeeding with cut, sore or bleeding nipples
  • Unable to gain enough weight with only breast milk
  • Managing breastfeeding and work
  • Pumping, storing, and using breast milk

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Fees - Rs 1000

Number of consultations included - 3

On Day 1, Day 5, Day 10.

Valid for 10 days.

Audio/ Vdo Consultation Available.


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