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LACTOMAGIC (Lactation Mix) has been designed by Lactation Consultants with a team of dieticians.Presence Of Ayurvedic Herbs Like Shatavari,Pippari, Ashwagandha etc promotes healthy Lactation. With Added multigrains for early recovery after childbirth. This nutritive Blend Boosts Metabolism In Young Mothers.

It works on the physiology of lactation i.e. increasing Prolactin secretion, thereby enhancing breast milk supply, thus promoting lactation. It increases lactation period and increased milk supply can be directly fed to the baby or expressed using breast pumps and then fed to the baby.

Breastfeeding is a blessing for both mother and baby. Lactomagic ensures that your breast milk supply is properly ensured and maintained too.. Lactomagic is formulated by an Ayurvedic doctor with experience in reproductive health of females and professionally trained in lactation education. It is a herbal post-pregnancy home remedy specially crafted for lactating mothers to help boost and maintain breast milk production. Lactomagic uses 100% natural formulations with herbs and added multigrains and spices which are proven for increasing breast milk production and to help provide optimal nutrients post-pregnancy. It is a remedy that contains natural sources of calcium along with  several essential herbs to replenish lost nutrients during pregnancy and optimal nutrition post pregnancy. Lactomagic helps in fulfilling the increased demands of nutrition for a new mother by providing additional macro and micro nutrients. Breast milk is an elixir for babies. Lactomagic ensures every mother is able to give world’s best nutrition to her baby through her breast milk and ensure a life long strong immunity to her baby. The best gift for a baby is a strong foundation of right nutrition. Lactomagic ensures this and stands strong with each mother in her motherhood journey.


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