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According to the National Family Health Survey in 2015-16 more than 42% Indian children suffer from malnutrition and 39% of them are underweight. Child malnutrition greatly impacts the learning capability of a child. It lowers iq and affects the brain development. Moreover malnutrition is the root cause for infections, different diseases, lower growth and sometimes premature deaths.

Children on their growing age play, run a lot on top of that they nag for spicy and junk foods. Very few children eat healthy and homemade food. It is very hard for working parents to give enough time and feed their child healthy food.

You as a parent want your child to get proper nutrition and buy health drinks from the grocery store. But research has shown these drinks don’t actually add any value to your child’s protein intake. Sometimes you give vitamin supplements to your child. Any supplement without doctor’s advice is also wrong.

Hi, I am Dr. Tanima Singhal and I am a consultant woman and child healthcare specialist.

I have been consulting women with little kids for the last 14+ years and achieved 4.9 star ratings in Google Reviews.

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I meet at least 10 moms who complain that their kids don’t have proper breakfast. They nag and take lots of time while having their food. They are underweight and often suffer from fever, cough, cold and different diseases. 2-10 years of a child’s life is very important. This is the phase for their overall growth of body, brain and bones. If they don’t get proper nutrition in this phase they might fall sick too easily for the rest of their life.

I, with my team of pediatricians, nutritionists and dieticians have created Dr. Mix Multigrain, a home remedy for growing childrens.

  • Every scoop of Dr Mix Multigrain mix is super tasty and rich in calcium, iron, protein, fiber, and other vital minerals.
  • It makes a well-balanced meal for your little one.
  • This helps to fulfill the protein deficiency, give proper nutrients to your child helping to boost immunity, growth and makes their bone stronger.
  • This is helpful to increase concentration and brain development of growing children.
  • This is FSSAI approved and have no side effects. 

  • It hardly takes any time to have. No hassle of preparation. You can add 2-3 spoons of Dr Mix Multigrain in a glass of milk and even in water and give the super tasty mixture to your little champ.


It has the goodness of dry fruits like almonds, cashew, fig which is proven for brain development and its immunity boosting abilities.

It is made of 15 dry roasted and powdered cereals, millets, and pulses like Green gram, Horse gram, Soyabean, Masoor, and Moong dal Bajra, Corn, Jowar, Barley, Rice, Wheat, Almonds and Cashews.

It is a vegeterian product

Package Contains:

1 pack of  Dr. Mix Multigrain Kids Health Drink

How to use

You can mix 2-3 scoops of it in warm milk and make yummy milkshakes

You can consume it with water

You can mix 3 scoops of this with a cup of water and cook for 30 seconds on stove, add sugar to taste and serve warm

Your little one will love the taste without knowing this is healthy

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