Lactomagic for Increased Breast Milk Supply with Free Moringa Tablet + Massage Oil

LACTOMAGIC (Lactation Supplement) serves as a home remedy enriched with herbs to Increase Breast Milk Supply for Lactating mothers.



LACTOMAGIC (Lactation Mix) serves as a home remedy enriched with herbs for Increased Breast Milk Supply for Lactating mothers.

Lactomagic – Lactation Supplement is made with a natural formulation of herbs that are Shatavari, Long piper, Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Fenugreek, along with multigrain that gives calcium support in boosting production of breast milk naturally & strengthens the immune system of both mother and baby.

Add 2-3 scoops of Lactomagic –  Lactation Supplement, in 1 glass of lukewarm milk, twice a day. Stir well and consume immediately.


Lactomagic Lactation Supplement can be taken in the last trimester of pregnancy after 37 + weeks on the advice of your doctor. Presence of natural galactogogues to increase breast milk supply can prepare your body for early let down. To be taken after discussion with your doctor only.

We do not recommend Lactomagic – Lactation Supplement to be consumed by diabetic patients. To balance the taste of ayurvedic herbs present in it, we have added a small amount of crystallized sugar in it. For diabetic mothers we have a Sugar free Variant – Lactomagic plus. For details – Click here

Mothers who have lactose intolerance or who cannot drink milk can also consume Lactomagic – Lactation Supplement with Luke warm water regularly for 2-3 months, which will also give desired results.


Usually, other lactating products available will only contain only herbs like Shatavari to boost the milk supply in lactating mothers.Lactomagic uses 100% natural formulations with herbs and added multigrains and spices which are proven for increasing breast milk production and to help provide optimal nutrients post-pregnancy. It is a remedy that contains natural sources of calcium along with  several essential herbs to replenish lost nutrients during pregnancy and optimal nutrition post pregnancy.

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