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Cut and trim nails easily under 5 minutes without accidentally cutting your baby’s skin.

Safest, painless and easiest way to cut nails.

You will never go back to the traditional nair cutters, scissors and blades after using this – essential for new parents. 

Ultra silent motor with led light. So that you can cut nails even while the baby is sleeping without  disturbing sleep and without turning on the bedroom light.

Why you will love this

With their fast growing nails babies accidentally scratch their own face and get hurt.

Blade, scissors and traditional nail cutters can hurt your child’s delicate fingers.

Presenting Smart Nail Cutter – with zero risk of cuts and skin peeling while you cut your baby’s nails.

Smooth and safe on your baby’s nail

Essential for first time parents. No more accidental cuts on your baby’s skin. Trimming nails won’t be time taking and stressful anymore.

Smoothens nails and leaves no sharp edges

so that your little one is safe and doesn’t hurt him/her self

Comes with light

The light attracts babies and they stay focused instead of moving. It helps in your nail cutting process while the baby is awake. 

With this light you can use the smart nail cutter while the baby is sleeping without turning on the bedroom light.

Ultra silent motor 

Comes with an ultra silent motor so that the baby doesn’t feel discomfort due to noise. You can cut nails while the baby is sleeping without waking the baby up.

Comes with 6 different extensions

Kids from 0-24 months and even adults can use this. It will still be useful even when your baby grows up. Just use the right extension for best results.

Comes with a compact carrying case

So that the detachable extensions are organized and never misplaced.

Easy to hold due to compact size

Its compact size helps to hold it comfortably. It is easy to carry during travel.

Comes with 4 different modes

2 modes to rotate the motor clockwise and 2 modes for anti clockwise. Use as per your need. It smoothens the sharp edges on nails.


  • Compact size – easy to cut nails and easy to carry
  • Ultra silent motor – cut the nails without disturbing baby while sleeping
  • Comes with light – useful for both night and daytime
  • 6 extensions – useful for newborn, infant and adults. Not only babies, even adults can use it
  • 4 modes – trim and file nails without hurting you & your baby
  • Comes with a compact box – it prevents misplacing extensions

How to use

Choose the right extension and choose a suitable mode. When the motor rotates, put it close to nails and trim the nails.

What comes in the box

  • 1 Cut Proof Smart Nail Cutter Body
  • 6 Nail Cutting and trimming Extensions
  • 1 Compact Box


Need 2 AA batteries to operate. Battery Not included in the box.

Some websites are selling this product with a lower quality duplicate variant offering lower price. Be aware and buy only the original high quality smart nail cutter from

Cut your baby’s nail without cutting the skin – smartly and silently.


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