Dr Tanima Singhal – Lactation Consultant & Garbh sanskar expert

Hello, myself Dr Tanima Singhal, presently working as a Lactation Consultant & Garbh sanskar expert. I have work experience in the field of Maternal and child health since 2008. With life taking me to different cities within India like Hyderabad, Kanpur etc, I learned about clinical research, clinical trials etc too which added to my

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How to get rid of Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

50 to 90 % of women get stretch marks on their bellies during their fetal development. As the fetus grows in the uterus.  Layers of the skin or connective tissue get thin and lose their elasticity beyond the limit as  well as its colour (reddish, purple, pink) and form long reddened or white streaks. Apart

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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting, a detailed guide

Positive Parenting is an effective way of managing a child’s emotions and understanding them better. “Happy kids are not born, they are nurtured’’ Children are real people with unpredictable behavior and positive Parenting gets to the root cause of a child’s challenging behavior. Itbrings back the beautiful relation of love between parents and a child

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postpartum care

10 important things on postpartum care for mother

The postpartum care period is the time for the healing and body adjustment of the mothers after childbirth. But, unfortunately, the negligence in the quality of maternal and childcare can even lead to maternal and infant death in this six-month duration. The primary care of newborns includes early breastfeeding, maintaining the baby’s body temperature to

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Re lactation Success Story

Re lactation Success – Breastfeeding Success Stories- Mrs. Kiran & Dr Tanima | Breastfeeding journey | Re lactation for 2 year baby | Maa-Si Care Clinic At Maa-Si Care Clinic, we counsel pregnant women and mothers for various issues including Breastfeeding. Many mothers doubt – Will I be able to successfully breastfeed my baby? – If I

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Breastfeeding Success Stories

Breastfeeding Success Stories- Jyoti & Dr Tanima | Breastfeeding journey | breastfeeding tips | Maa-Si Care Clinic At Maa-Si Care Clinic, we counsel pregnant women and mothers for various issues including Breastfeeding. Many mothers doubt – Will I be able to successfully breastfeed my baby? – If I couldn’t feed my first baby, can I breastfeed my

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hair loss after pregnancy

9 Things About Hair Loss After Pregnancy You May Not Have Known.

Hair loss after pregnancy is a nightmare for every new mother. But it is also true that, becoming a mother is one of the best feelings in the whole world. During pregnancy and after childbirth, a women face many challenges like mood swings, fear, labor pain, weakness, postpartum stress, sleep deprivation, degradation in health, and

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Can periods affect my breastmilk supply?

11 Important points every mother must know about Periods and Breastfeeding.

Periods and Breastfeeding – The mothers who are breastfeeding have several questions and doubts regarding it. A proper information and guidance is needed if you are a mother or going to be a mother. The precautionary measures and treatment for the complications can be advised by a professional lactation consultant. First periods after pregnancy, what

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7 Important Breast Hygiene points every female must know.

Importance of breast hygiene Unhygienic breasts will make a feeding ground for bacteria and germs also make them prone to all the kind of infections. Infections such as mastitis, clogged milk ducts and breast abscess in severe cases.  Since breastfeeding includes skin to skin contact with your baby, so never-ever feed your baby with unhygienic

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What is Garbh sanskar?

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Basically Garbh Sanskar is a term derived from Sanskrit language which means enlightening the featus in the womb itself. According to our Vedas and Granthas the characteristics of thinking, behaving, and feeling in essence, the personality of child start to develop as soon as the mother conceive. All these changes in his/her personality is widely

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